About Us

Founder and Owner, Don Chigazola
Welcome to Chigazola Merchants!

Two hundred years ago, my ancestors immigrated to America from Genoa, Italy, and began importing goods and merchandise.  Over the past several years, my family has been fortunate to return to Italy and discover the land and culture of my ancestors.  We are proud to introduce Chigazola Merchants, a family business built on our passion for the food and wines of Italy.

Land and Family

As we travel the back roads of the Italy’s wine regions and meet the winemakers of the classic, ancient Italian varietal wines, we are deeply touched by their love and commitment to their land and their families.  It is clear to us that it is not just about the wine, but also the land (la terra) and the family (la famiglia).

Our mission is to bring you exceptional Italian wines and connect you to the winemakers, their wines, their lands, and their families.

-Don Chigazola, Owner
Santa Rosa, California