Italian Bubbles

Summer heat has arrived in Northern California wine country. It’s a 90 °F afternoon and a glass of chilled Prosecco is sounding pretty good right now. The question is which bottle of Paolo Zucchetto to open. The Grand Cru of Prosecco, the Cartizze, is really elegant.  Great fruit with a smooth, creamy finish. The Extra Dry I would never turn down if it were offered. With its slight residual sugar, it’s very friendly and always a welcome sight with our friends.

However, on this hot afternoon I want that bone dry, clean finish that the Puro-Fol delivers. The “pure what”? Follo, (or Fol as the locals call it) is a picturesque little town in the heart of the Prosecco region (Valdobbiadene County). Paolo Zucchetto’s Brut is a single vineyard designate sparkling wine, so pure follo grapes, or Puro-Fol.  Winemaker Carlo has crafted this brut in the “zero dosage”, or zero sugar, style. Doesn’t get any drier than this! The mouth is fresh fruit with a nice acidity that delivers a crisp, clean finish. We decided to enjoy this in the shade of the back deck watching the afternoon sun begin to set. Slice up some chilled pears, strawberries, apples or your favorite fruit du jour, and you have what I would call a pretty good afternoon.

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Don Chigazola