Buona Festa - Invite The Italians To Your Holiday Table

The Old World Italian wines are perfectly structured to enhance traditional holiday dishes. So whether you are hosting the celebration or you are in charge of bringing the wine, invite the Italians to the celebration. The crisp acidity of the whites and the smooth, rich complexity of the reds are perfect accompaniments to your feast. Our wine travels took us back to some familiar families in the Veneto, Piemonte, and Abruzzo regions and introduced us to new families in Tuscany and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions. We brought back some of their favorite food and wine pairings to share.

Contact me if you need a recommendation for a specific pairing. On behalf of our family, and our Italian family producers…Buona Festa and Cin Cin!

If you are serving…We recommend pairing with…


Aperitifs and Appetizers (Aperitivi, Antipasti)

Dry cheeses (pecorino, fontina, romano), Shrimp, or Fish

2012 Zucchetto Prosecco Brut Puro-Fol DOCG

2012 De Angelis Corvi Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC

2013 Fontanabianca Arneis DOC

2013 Vigna Traverso Pinot Grigio DOC 

Fruit Cocktail or Ambrosia

2012 Sobrero Moscato d’Asti DOCG


First Course (Primo)

Soups or Green Salads

2013 Fontanabianca Langhe Arneis DOC


2012 De Angelis Corvi Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC

2013 Vigna Traverso Pinot Grigio DOC 

Pasta Dishes

2012 Le Marognole Valpolicella Classico DOC

2010 Fontanabianca Barbera d’Alba DOC

2012 Sobrero Dolcetto d’Alba DOC


Second Course (Secondo)

Roast Turkey or Duck

2009 Fontanabianca Barbaresco “Bordini” DOCG


Lamb, Pork, or Veal

2010 Fontanabianca Barbera d’Alba DOC, or

2007 Sobrero Barolo “Pernanno” DOCG


Roast Beef, or Prime Rib Roast

2008 Le Marognole Amarone “CampoRocco” DOC, or

2008 De Angelis Corvi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Elèvito” DOCG, or

2006 Sobrero Barolo “Pernanno” DOCG

2011 Vigna Traverso Schioppettino DOC


Fruit & Cheese (Formaggi e Frutta)

2012 Zucchetto Prosecco Brut “Puro-Fol” DOCG, or

2012 Zucchetto Prosecco Extra Dry DOCG


Dessert (Dolce)

Chocolate anything!

2009 Le Marognole Valpolicella Recioto DOC


Pumpkin, Fruit Pies, or Cakes

2012 Sobrero Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Don Chigazola