We Have Wine!

We are very proud to announce the launch of our storefront! 

Land and Family -

As we travel the backroads of Italy's wine regions and meet the winemakers of the classic, ancient Italian varietal wines, we are deeply touched by their commitment to their land and their families. It is clear to us that it is not just about the wine, but also the land (la terra) and the family (la famiglia).  Our mission is to bring you exceptional Italian wines, and connect you to the winemakers, their wines, their lands, and their families. Explore "Our Producers" and watch a video interview with the winemaker.  Meet the families that have been growing and producing for generations, and read about their family histories.  

Enjoy Wines of the Veneto Region -

Our first offerings are from the Veneto region in Northern Italy.  We personally visited producers in the region and selected winemakers that demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to quality and tradition.  We are currently offering three Prosecco wines from Paolo Zucchetto and five Valpolicella wines from Le Marognole di Corsi.  

These wines are available in limited quantities; and we are the sole distributor in the United States. All wines are available for order with an estimated ship date of April 5th.

Currently we can only ship directly to California consumers, due to the shipping restrictions of each state.  Please contact us by email at info@chigazolamerchants.com, if you are located in another state.

Coming Soon- Wines of the Barolo! - 

We just returned from touring the Barolo in the Langhe; and we are working to bring you an exceptional line up of wines including Barolo, Dolcetto, Moscato d'Asti, and Barbaresco.  

Thank you for your interest in our wines!

Don Chigazola