Le Marognole Rated Among the Top 100 in Veneto!

We knew it was a matter of time before the world discovered the wines of Fabio Corsi.  His passion for his craft was apparent the moment we met him at his cantina in Valgatara.  Congratulations to the entire Corsi family for being selected by "AIS VENETO" (Association of Italian Sommeliers) as one of the 100 of best wineries in Veneto region.  The wines evaluated by AIS were the Amarone CampoRocco, Recioto CampoGerico and "El Nane".  Fabio crafted "El Nane" in loving memory of his grandfather who cultivated and cared for the vines.  Congratulations Fabio!  El Nane would be very proud!


Don Chigazola