New Wines from the Piemonte and Abruzzo Regions!

We are very excited to welcome 3 new producers, (Sobrero, Fontanabianca, and De Angelis Corvi), to our family along with their exceptional wines. Our first shipment focused on classic wines from the Veneto region. These new arrivals represent classic native Italian varietals from the Piemonte (Barolo, Barbaresco) and Abruzzo (Montepulciano) regions, including our first whites (Arneis, Trebbiano) and a rosé (Cerasuolo). I suspect many of our followers will be unfamiliar with these wines, which is fine. Understanding wine is about continual learning; so don’t feel unworldly. It would be easy to write a page of descriptions on each wine, but I will attempt to summarize the characteristics of each and provide just enough of a description to peak your interest in trying these wines. Andiamo! (Let’s go!)



2006 Barolo Riserva Pernanno             
Region: Piemonte     Zone: DOCG Barolo
Varietal: Nebbiolo     Style: Dry Red, Full Body

2006 was an exceptional vintage for this commune. This is a powerful, concentrated Barolo with bold fruit and exceptional balance. Appreciate it now, or cellar it 15-20 years. A great addition to a collector’s cellar. WS 92 Points

Give this wine a try if you like: a big California Cab.


2007 Barolo Riserva Pernanno    

2007 was a warmer growing season and produced a more easy-going and approachable Barolo with good fruit on the palate and a velvety finish. Very approachable now, but best in 5-10 years.

Give this wine a try if you like: California Cabs.




2012 Dolcetto d’Alba
Region: Piemonte         Zone: DOC Alba
Varietal: Dolcetto          Style: Dry Red, Medium-body

“The Little Sweet One”, a brightly colored red that is meant to be enjoyed right away and not aged. This is a “daily” wine with nice fruit and soft tannins. Drink it now.

Give this wine a try if you like: California Merlot


2012 Moscato d’Asti
Region: Piemonte      Zone: DOCG Asti
Varietal: Moscato       Style: Slightly sweet white

An effervescent white with a straw yellow color, floral nose with fresh fruits, apple and pear on the palate, and a slightly sweet finish. Drink as an aperitif or with dessert.

Give this wine a try if you like: Sweet Riesling.




2009 Barbaresco “Bordini”
Region: Piemonte      Zone: DOCG Barbaresco
Varietal: Nebbiolo      Style: Dry Red, Full-Bodied

A full-bodied, complex red from the Bordini cru brings intense floral perfume to the nose, red currents and plum to the palate, and a long elegant, spicy finish. Appreciate it now, or cellar for 15-20 years. WS 93 Points.

Give this wine a try if you like: Full-bodied Pinot Noir.


2010 Barbera d’Alba
Region: Piemonte      Zone: DOC Barbaresc
Varietal: Barbera       Style: Dry Red, Full-bodied

A full-bodied red that is complex, with fruity aromas, and delivers luscious plum, red currant and black cherry on the palate, and soft tannins on the finish. Enjoy it now.

Give this wine a try if you like: California Merlot. 


2012 Langhe Arneis
Region: Piemonte      Zone: DOC Barbaresco
Varietal: Arneis          Style: Dry white, medium-bodied

A medium-bodied white that delivers a floral bouquet of fresh fruit on the nose, and a crisp, clean finish with hints of lemon. Enjoy this now.

Give this wine a try if you like: un-oaked Chardonnays.




2008 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Elevito”
Region: Abuzzo                   Zone: DOCG Colline Teramane
Varietal: Montepulciano       Style: Dry Red, full-bodied

A big red with intensely dark ruby red color, complex aromas of ripe berries and spices, and a velvety soft landing on the palate with rich, ripe fruit flavors. Excellent now, but you can cellar this one 10-15 years.

Give this wine a try if you like: a big, California Merlot.


2012 Trebbiano d’Abruzzo
Region: Abruzzo                 Zone: DOC Superiore
Varietals: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Paserina
Style: Dry white

A medium-bodied white with straw yellow and golden hues that delivers floral and ripe apple notes to the nose. Balanced acidity allows for a soft, fruity landing on the palate with a clean finish. Enjoy now.

Give this wine a try if you like: un-oaked Chardonnay


2012 Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo
Region: Abruzzo                  Zone: DOC Superiore
Varietal: Montepulciano       Style:Dry Rosé

A light-bodied rose with intense red cherry color that delivers delicate and elegant hints of berries on the nose, and rich fruit flavors on the palate. Enjoy now.

Give this wine a try if you like: a California Syrah Rosé.

Don Chigazola